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Hey guys!!! I just wanted to thank you for helping me elevate my business to the next level. You guys have been outstanding in helping me engineer different entrances and exits into the pools, sun ledges and sundecks, benches, bar stools and the alike. It has been nothing but a pleasure to do business with you guys for all these years and I’m so glad we are able to “imagineer” anything.


-Bj DiGioia, DiGioia Construction Howell NJ

There’s a reason I’ve been using only your steel for my thirty years in business. I’ve never had any problems. The quality of the material speaks for itself; the radius bends are always true and your panels are sturdy.


- John Berletic, Oasis Pools



I’ve been buying your pool walls for fifteen years and have been extremely happy with your pools and services. Anything I order from you, I receive within a week. I’ve pushed to get Interpool because when walls from other manufacturers have rusted, Interpool panels haven’t rusted. After years in the ground, Interpool panels stay in great condition and don’t bend or buckle, they are excellent walls. We have never seen a better pool than what comes from you guys.


- Art, Pleasure Pools



I wanted to take a moment and praise you for the fine service and quality products you have provided to Wind, Surf & Sail Pools for so many years. As you know, our motto is “If you can dream it, we can build it!” This has been available to me due to Interpools CAD and Design division, this putting us as the leader in vinyl design and quality construction in Michigan.


-Kerry Duggan, Wind, Surf & Sail Pools



It is truly refreshing to do business with someone like you in this industry. You have a passion for manufacturing the finest steel in-ground pool kits in the country. When I buy a steel pool kit, I look for “quality, value and price”. International Swimming Pools gives me the highest quality product, which provides my customers with a great value, all at a fair price… Thanks for the great service.


-Randy Budd, Budd’s Pools and Spas



We have been a customer of International Swimming Pools for many years and have built a reputation as one of the best high end steel wall, vinyl liner pool companies in NJ. We have been voted the Best Pool & Spa Store Company for over 8 years in a row and have numerous pool builder awards for our designs and quality of workmanship.Our success is a result of our long term relationships with our suppliers like yourself who provide quality products and industry leading services that allows us to be successful in a very competitive industry. By working closely with your designers and engineers we have been able to create leading edge pool designs that enhance the steel wall, vinyl liner pool shapes and designs that were once not available. From in water steps and benches to elaborate sun decks and spill overs, we have been able to provide our clients with many options to enhance their backyard experience and make the pool the focus of their new outdoor living space.

The quality of the materials used is paramount and we appreciate that you continue to maintain the highest specifications in the durability and strength of your steel panels and that you are constantly looking at ways to enhance the process by investing in your business.

As a local NJ company we source as many of our products as possible from within the United States so having you as a local NJ business aligns you with our business model investing in our local economy and people.We look forward to many more years of doing business with you as we continue to grow as our second generation family owned swimming pool business.


- Sotiris A. Sergiou, President, Nicholas Pools, Inc.



Hi Brad it is us who need to thank you guys. We appreciate the promptness in which your company was able to help us out. You and your company have always been there in time of need . We have always been impressed with the quality of your product not to mention the attention we receive when we need your assistance. We are impressed with you the owner of the company coming out to the field assistance us. That no doubt convinces me that you are not only on top of your game but are also concerned about the entire procedure. You make us feel like we are into this together as a family.

Thanks again to you and your employees.


-Ed Argenziano, Co Owner, Olympic Pools

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