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International Swimming Pools (Interpool) is one of the world's premier makers of quality, in-ground, steel swimming pools and accessories.

The company was founded in 1993 by brothers Doug and Steve Colson and Brad Korbel. These three partners grew up together as childhood friends and neighbors in Summit, New Jersey. Today that friendship has resulted in the extended family at International Swimming Pools, a company quickly revolutionizing the steel pool industry.

Not only has the Interpool family grown over the years, but the company moved to New Brunswick, NJ in 2001 where they continued to develop new products such as: the first convex step, patented all steel bead receiver, introduced ZAM® 115, and the newest *patent pending* Sliding Step System.
















Our deliveries are quick and ready to assemble without surprises


Seasoned craftsmen hand-fabricate Interpool products to allow for perfectly smooth interior pool walls. Interpool bonds its I-beam style rib braces to its walls with a proprietary, defect-free system which is certified for integrity by a leading structural engineering firm.

Childhood Friends
Pool Kit

Selling only through a select group of established distributors, Interpool custom-builds galvanized and stainless steel pools in virtually any shape and size, faster than traditional manufacturers can deliver from their limited range of warehoused stock.

The Strongest Panel in the Industry

Interpool's U.S. patented "no-weld" gusset plate corners add additional strength by permanently binding the top, bottom and side wall-flanges together. Our side-flanges, where wall-sections are bolted together, are 50% wider, making them the strongest in the industry for each 8-foot wall section. We offer 1 rib-brace, 2 rib-braces or 3 rib-braces per 8-foot panel. The 3 rib-braces per 8-foot panel section features up to 200% greater strength than conventional designs.

International Swimming Pools uses only the finest, 14-gauge G-235 steel as well as ZAM® 115.

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