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Drop In Systems

What are Drop In Steps?

Drop In Steps are an aftermarket upgrade for your pool. They can be installed during liner replacements and renovations.


With a full line of Drop In Steps and Custom Drop In Steps available upon request, International Swimming Pools can help give your outdated pool a new and unique look.


Assembled Step Treads
Step Templates
Assembled Step

All Drop In step systems come with templates designed for the particular step you ordered.

Sample Installation Instructions

 Every Drop In Step is different, and we will provide detailed instructions for each.
These sample instructions are for our 180° wedding cake step. For any custom Drop In Systems, we try to ship as preassembled as possible.
We strive to make the installation process as simple as possible. In fact, most of our stock Drop In Steps only take about a half hour to install.
Step Templates

For the first part of installation, attach the provided templates to the existing pool wall.

Assemble drop in step

Next, assemble the step. Note: Each step has slightly different instuctions.

Assembled Step
Step Supports

In this case, the step was in 2 sections (left and right). Simply join the sections and attach the supports.

Drop in Step
Fully assembled drop in step

Lastly, lift and "Drop" the assembled step into the templates to secure the new step to the existing pool wall.

Drop In Step Gallery

Note: Drop In Step Systems DO NOT come with side/back panels.

They are intended to be added onto an existing pool wall.

These steps have been assembled in the shop to ensure a perfect fit in the field.

Open Pour Drop In Designs

The options are truly endless! Our open pour designs can accommodate large scale ledges that may be difficult to create in all steel. Our shop will build all custom designs with sample panels to ensure a perfect fit in your pool.

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