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Q. Are there design restrictions for steel pools?

A. Very few. Steel gives the greatest flexibility for design decisions. Walls can be made in virtually any shape without compromising structural integrity. That's one of the reasons steel pools have become so popular.


Q. What are the advantages of Interpool’s steel pool construction?

A. Steel is stronger. Interpool maximizes the inherent strength of steel with unique and patented technology. Our pools walls are made of 14-gauge steel which is then heavily galvanized. These component parts are then bolted together during installation. This results in a single, unified structure with great strength, stability and durability. Interpool steel walls also provide better support for overhanging pool-edge features such as stone decking and waterfalls.



Q. How can I be sure I have an Interpool swimming pool?

A. Just take a look at your swimming pool kit when it's delivered. We proudly label each pool panel and include size and shape for our dealers to aid in ease of assembly. What goes in the ground matters.


Q. Won't a steel pool rust?

A. Our heavily coated galvanized steel pool walls are rust-resistant, making them last longer and stay stronger than other systems. Our stainless steel pools have a limited lifetime guarantee.


Q. What if I have a groundwater problem?
A. Most groundwater problems are easily corrected by proper drainage. Getting an experienced pool installer will ensure a long, long life for your pool. If you live in an area of the country with persistent groundwater, such as southern Florida, a stainless steel pool is appropriate.


Q. How long does it take to get my Interpool pool?
A. Interpool stocks an enormous number of popular styles, shapes, sizes and components. From this large inventory we can pack and ship within mere days. Surprisingly, we can also ship custom-designed pools within days from the approval of our computer-generated plan and parts list.


Q. How high are the pool walls?
A. Interpool’s galvanized walls are offered in both 42 inch and 48 inch high models, yet custom sized heights are possible. Stainless walls are fabricated to 41 inches high.


Q. How can I learn more about International Swimming Pool products?
A. Interpool products are only available through well-established, reputable distributorships and their dealer networks. Please consult your local pool professionals if their Distributor can acquire a “Made in the USA” pool from International Swimming Pools, Inc. If you have interest in becoming a Distributor, please use the Email link on our “contact” page.


Please note: Only the Dealer Network is set up to meet and speak with prospective pool buyers.

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