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International Swimming Pools has been manufacturing top rated steel products for over 30 years! Our factory produces steel panels, steps, benches, and sun ledges for in ground swimming pools. We specialize in custom pools and accessories! If you can't seem to find exactly what you're looking for, we can help make your dream pool a reality!
Visit our Distributor Links below to find a distributor near you.
Note that NOT ALL locations carry Interpool Products.

Steel Steps and Benches


Steps and Benchs


Sun Ledges
Drop In Systems


Drop In Steps
Zamtastic Pools


3" Flange Step
3" Flange Step and Bench Systems


Cut Pool


Steel Panel
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We provide weekly updates on new projects including steps, benches, and pool builds. Submit photos to be featured on our page!

Did you know we can customize it?

Unlike our competitors, we can customize any pool or step design to fit your needs! Don't be forced to conform! We will gladly work with you to achieve your dream oasis!

We take pride in precision!

Our machine technology allows us to produce the most accurate pool panels and accessories in the industry. This is extremely important to help avoid any unwelcome surprises during installation.


Sun Ledges

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen a significant increase in large scale Sun Ledge installations! Sun Ledges create a wonderful hangout space for the entire family and truly gives a high end resort feel to your pool!

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